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PERISPRİ, which was opened by ceramic and glass artist Cahide Erel in Balat, one of the districts of Istanbul, which is equipped with history, reaches the tastes of all civilizations that have lived and lived on the earth, both in today's and in the land it has printed. PERISPRİ, where Eastern Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman cuisine and traditional Turkish cuisine flavors are served with antiques from 1850-1950, puts its visitors into a time tunnel that touches the history of Anatolia and Eastern Europe. PERISPRİ is a semi-material, fluid substance that enables the soul to connect with the body. According to some, the essence of existence is according to others the "existing" itself. Perispri never disappears, although the bodies change, it carries the eternal spirit to eternity with new bodies. There is always 'Perispri'; sometimes intuition, sometimes déja vu, and sometimes reminiscence.


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